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CEL electronic – Termík

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1 Termik with 4 ventilators is ideal for about 40 m3

Steel panel rediator El. Convector


Due to the increased efficiency of the radiator is possible to reduce the temperature of the heating circuit up to 20 ° C Shorten the initial heat the room up to a fifth of the time normally required and thus the consumption of heating energy. Maintenance room temperature (e.g. overnight) can be reduced by up to 5 ° C.

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Graph of temperatures


Very simple installation can handle even a layman. The specially developed electronics automatically turns on/off the fans when The temperature of radiator reaches 30° C and allows for manual fan speed control (50-100%).

Technical data and calculations:

  • 12V power supply - part of Termik is a power adapter
  • Supply current - 4 Fans = approx 360 mA
  • Temperature sensor electronic switches fans at about 30 ° C
  • Dimensions: length = 590mm width = 86mm height = 30 mm
  • Thermals flow is approximately 160 m3 / h. at full speed.
  • 1 Termik with 4 fans is ideal for about 40 m3
  • Power consumption 4 fans = approx 4W (1 kWh for 250 hours.) 3 EUR / season

We are looking for dealers in the English-speaking countries.